Cregga and Songbreeze

Cregga the retired badger lady of Salamandastron spends her last days at Redwall Abbey with her faithful friend Abbess Songbreeze.


Firefly the Otter

Firefly was born in a field on a dark summer night.  There were fireflies flying all around his tiny body and the shine of the bugs was making his wet pelt glow.  His mother thought he looked like a beautiful firefly at that moment, so she decided to name him after her favorite bug.  His name might be the reason for his fascination with fire.  He was kicked out of his home because he nearly lit it on fire.

Fur and Freedom Fighters!

“Fur and Freedoooooooommm!”


In this post, I decided to show you the different stages it took me to draw this picture.

Stage 1.)  First of all I get an idea of where everything should be.



Stage 2.)  Here I started drawing in the detail.


Stage 3.)  Here I did some more pencil detail.


Stage 4.)  Now I finished all the graphite pencil work.


Stage 5.)  I outlined everything with a black marker.