Unexpected Visitors to the Abbey


One afternoon, I walked into my bedroom.  I had left my window open to let the fresh, spring air fill my room. 





I saw on my bed a red lego.





I knew I had used up all of my red legos to build a model of Redwall Abbey which I put on my bookshelf.  Seeing this mysterious lego appear on my bed covers, I picked it up and went over to my bookshelf to return it.  To my surprise I saw vines hanging down the wall.







I was quite taken back by this prospect.  Going on my tippy toes I peered over the battlements. To my great surprise someone had made themselves quite at home inside the Abbey grounds.  







I turned around to a chirping noise on my window sill.  A bird couple were possibly talking about the human investigating their new home.  They started flying around in my room landing about a foot away from my face.  They eventually left to find a more abandoned dwelling place.  

  Please be sure to visit us at the Abbey if ever you’re passing.


  Official Abbey recorder:  Leatho Shellhound

10 responses to “Unexpected Visitors to the Abbey

  1. Love it! I’m from Redwall abbey forum too! (I’m Mask) you make an awesome art blogger Leatho! Or, Johannes, I guess

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